Wednesday, 25 March 2015

NSW Election

I have been sick this week thus I have had the full glare of the NSW election upon me.

The Government should have a decent win on Saturday. This shows the electorate will vote for a party with an unpopular policy if the leader isn't a pretentious prat. Queensland take note.

The main issue is the privatisation of the poles and wires.Whilst both sides have been dishonest of the WHOLE issue I do think the government has been worse than the Opposition.
what has intrigued me is that in the last week Baird ha looked rattled when questioned on the issue.
He only seems a fair weather politician.
It could prove interesting next term.

I also watched  Federal parliament yesterday when doing the family ironing. Yes I am a new age man!

Three things stood out like the shag on a rock.

  • Abbott is in his last days, Asserting stopping the boats meant less arms and drugs in Australia was simply absurd.  He is poor under pressure as we have see since the election.
  • Bishop simply has no common sense. Fancy backing Twiggy Forest's absurd proposal. If she was ever in leader's contention she ain't now. just on that topic Judy Sloan shows she had too much peroxide this morning. Oh dear. At least she hasn't a reputation to damage!
  • The other Bishop is quite clearly the worst speaker in history. The ALP should so a highlights package of her and put it on youtube.