Monday, 30 March 2015

A tale of two States

We saw the Coalition returned to power in New South Wales whilst they got dumped in Queensland.
Why?  One obvious answer would be the leaders.

Campbell Newman simply exacerbated what people hated about Tony Abbott and vica versa. On the other hand Mike Baird most certainly did not. Although He looked very uncomfortable when he finally got some questions he couldn't answer ( see Andrew Elder).
Others like Ken Parish see grossly offensive ads without providing any evidence.
The idea of not wanting the Chinese Government not owning NSW electricity assets is hardly racist. As I say I really do not want any Government owning the Electricity assets (other than the NSW Government.)

Whilst the Previous ALP Government needed to lose in Queensland it didn't need to lose so badly.
On the other hand the ALP Government stank to high heaven.

It would not be surprising that voters in Queensland thought they went in too hard last time and voted against the Government thinking they would win anyway because of their huge majority.  In essence we might have got a variation of the Wayne Goss effect. They lost by accident because too many people made a protest vote thinking it would not matter.
Quite clearly the ALP never thought they would win and in fact did little work on what they might do if they did win in Queensland.  Quite clearly they didn't do enough homework on one candidate! ( see HERE and HERE)

In NSW no-one was going to vote in the ALP after what had occurred when they were in Government.As I said previously they stank to high heaven and quite frankly the Coalition deserved another term.

Different leaders and different results.Both in Government and in Opposition.


I have been asked for an opinion on two issues so I will give them

  1. A person should never have to leave any job merely on allegations.Most certainly if they are proved but as yet they are merely allegations that mysteriously only appeared AFTER the election.( Very strange that)
  2. If Martin Ferguson was deliberately involved in the Liberal campaign he should be expelled from the party. It would be the same if a liberal member openly supported an ALP campaign. You cannot be a member of a party and then deliberately assist another party. In this Bill Shorten is entirely correct.on this Steve Kates shows he is not only mad but entirely clueless.