Sunday, 7 September 2014

The First Year of the LNP government

We have seen a number of people comment of the first year of the present Government.
From Friday's EXCELLENT Around the Traps here are three:

  1. Michelle Grattan
  2. Lenore Taylor
  3. Mumble
I thought I might just give another reason why it had no honeymoon and is the most unpopular first term Government in polling history.
In Opposition they were inherently lazy. We saw this firstly in their policies in the 2010 election.
Even when it was clear to every man and his dog they would win the 2013 election pretty easily they continued to be.
This can be seen in this Kouk's piece.
Only a complete imbecile would have promised a budget surplus in every year of their first term.

This showed a complete disregard on why nominal GDP has been so weak and how important nominal GDP is to government revenue. We can see Hockey had no idea of the weak state of the Australian economy coming into the election!

The laziness came be seen in their complete disregard to saying one thing before the election and then something completely different after the election. It can also be seen in how they 'negotiate' with minor parties in the Senate.

It can also be seen in the pathetic efforts to explain away they haven't broken any promises at all.

This can all change.
Here are some suggested changes the government could adopt in no particular order:
  • Adopt what the National party did to industrial relations in New Zealand indeed just copy the 96 pages! You de-regulate the labour market further. You do it to better labour market outcomes not to destroy trade unions. It worked there and it will work here.
  • Get a strategy together that will boost Nominal GDP. Wayne Swan's experience will tell you austerity makes it worse. Let's face it if nominal GDP is still weak in 20126 then your government is cactus.
  • Do not be so overtly political. Saying the cupboard is bare and then setting up two blatantly political Royal Commissions
  • Fess up and say yes you did brake promises however you had to do it because of ...