Sunday, 21 September 2014

John Howard: Still telling lies

John Howard last night tried to issue a mea culpa about the illegal invasion of Iraq.
He claimed the intelligence he received for believing Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction was not good enough.

Unfortunately for him we already know he was told that Iraq posed no threat. Rod Barton in his book 'The Weapons Detective' ( This newspaper article gives a good outline of it) outlines in painstaking detail how he and and John Gee, who were working for the United Nation's Weapons inspector, had a meeting with Howard. They told him Iraq had no chemical weapons at all and any weapons not found from the previous Gulf war would be so degraded as to be useless.

Very soon after this Howard had a news conference where he said Iraq possessed Chemical weapons that posed a threat to bits neighbours and the world.

We should always remember when Iraq was invaded it possessed the slowest jet fighters in the area, They could not service all their tanks and each time their soldiers were engaged with soldiers who matched them in weapons they retreated faster than a cheetah.

It really would be nice if the Leaders could simply fess up and tell us the real reason why they invaded Iraq because each reason they put up make them look even more stupid.