Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Castle Series 7 approaches

The greatest TV series of all times enters dangerous waters as it approaches its 7th season which starts on Monday night (USA time)

Since Castle and Beckett have gotten together the quality of writing has declined. This is the 'Moonlighting curse' affecting Castle.
Moreover it got worse in season 6 we had contradictions in the canon paraded regularly, plot holes deeper than the grand canyon and OOC roles.
The main culprit was Andrew Marlowe but it has always been him.
If we go back a little Season 6 started off reasonably well as we said in castle-series-6-thus-far
This overlooked some problems that would eventually jump up and swallow the series.

  • Castle made possibly the worst proposal on TV after appalling behaviour by Beckett. He claimed he was doing this because he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Err was this irony because he would have said that to both Meredith and Gina ( Both of which divorces we know little about in Series 6!)
  • Castle almost dies in episode 2 BECAUSE Beckett was completely thoughtless , selfish and self centered when accepting the job. It was London to a brick Castle would follow her and try to help her but this never crossed her mind despite being in love with him! 
  • In Episode 3 rather than resign and be true to her principles she stays and gets sacked as she should have. Castle makes the absurd claim that he can write anywhere, Has he? No! More evidence that NO effort or homework was done in accepting the job.
  • We had the Alexis arc where absurdly she turns rebellious and acts a like a spoilt brat just about when she is going to be 20! (Irony button no.)And do talk about those loves scenes with Pi. ( irony button of now.)
  • The Like Father Like Daughter was dreadful with them building theory together however that is what Caskett do and it is foreplay so what sexual deviant thought that idea up?
It just goes to show you what great episodes they had up to that stage that managed to overcome all this.

However it was downhill from there despite VERITAS being the greatest ever Castle episode.

We got the worst ever episode , In the Belly of the Best ( ITBOTB) where the Narcotics Captain wants Beckett , the most publicized cop in NYPD history, to go undercover without any experience or guidance or any change in her appearance. No Stop laughing that was the actual absurd script.At the end of the case which goes badly pear-shaped there are NO repercussions. no-one is sacked, Castle is not angry and Beckett does not apologise. Truly the two writers do not have a clue what love is!

Some other problems:
  •  Beckett being a model for 15 minutes at 19 except in Series 2 it was when she was 17!
  • Beckett tells Castle she didn't go to the prom except she did in series 1 and Maddie would have said something about that if that occurred in Series 2!
  • The Boys go 'undercover in a Geisha bar but Kevin Ryan gives the game away except he is a very experienced person at being undercover as we saw in Series 5 (The wild rover)
  • Beckett is the Acting Captain in the 70s show except the 12th precinct has a lieutenant ( food to die for series 2 )  and thus a sergeant and she is the lowest ranked leading detective.
  • I am not going to even try and criticise the appalling  and cliche driven finale except to say Marlowe lied when he essentially promised fans a wedding.
Well after that spray you might be surprised that I am optimistic for series 7.
Let us take a look at the reasons why:
  • It cannot be as bad as Season 6, indeed we might assume season 6 is an outlier
  • The writers must have surely learned their lessons from the disasters of Series 6
  • In Nathan Fillion and Stan Katic they have the greatest of all time in showing a loving couple.
  • Andrew Marlowe is no longer in charge and he was the worst in being lazy in writing
  • Castle cannot be allowed to jump the shark

I finish with obligatory Coldplay tune