Sunday, 28 September 2014

A Wedding and Hospital

On Saturday I went to a quite nice wedding. She is a friend if my wife.She teached at the same school for a while.She is slightly below 50 and he is slightly above 50. ( Much younger than I).
It was held at a hotel at Darling Harbour and it was terrific. The only slight problem was the music which was a tad high for people whose ages graced this occasion and the songs were too 'modern'.

However a good time was had by all.

When I got into the car about 11 p.m. my back hurt. It was mainly my kidneys but I thought little of it. My wife, who does not drink, drove a friend home .She teaches at a local high school like my wife. I started to complain about my back and how it hurt like blazes.
Eventually I got my wife to drive me to Ryde hospital, I thought and everyone else thought I was having a kidney stone, It was a very painful.condition and despite getting morphine the pain didn't want to go away.
One thing I could do not  do was pee despite wanting to do this on a large number of occasions.
It eventually came out that my prostate simply was not working properly and putting immense pressure on my kidneys which shut down for a short time.

Once I was fitted up with a catheter all the pain left me however I did find out on being at home My kidneys were still hurting a bit and I seemed to be out of breath a lot.

I suspect it will take time before I can get back to where I was before the wedding.

The urologist took out my catheter believing my body would adapt as it normally is expected to. It didn't.

I was back at Ryde hospital last night to get another catheter because my prostrate refuses to do its job.
This it is off to the San on Tuesday to operate on the damn thing.

Woe is me!