Sunday, 4 May 2014

The A- League final

The A-League had its final yesterday and the best team all season actually won the final indeed they won their third final in 4 years!

It was a good game but not a great game. The roar almost always plays a pleasant attacking style each match. It is pleasing to the eye and makes one realise why football is by far the most popular sport in the world.

The Wanderers on the other hand play a scrappy style. They defend well and score few goals. This is the result of their personnel. They do not many players of creativity or of style. I think their style would change if they had different players.

( My love for the Wanders comes from their fans. Whilst when I attend one of their games at Parramatta the atmosphere is simply out of this world. It is as good as anywhere in the world.)

Overall the A League it was a very good season. the Season is increasing as better coaches come on board.

On this subject I do hope the people at Sydney FC choose the right coach. They have been on stupid pills over there ever since they won the first ever final. The Terry Butcher episode was simply bizarre. No-on who understood would have ever employed him. If you get Del Piero into the team and also have Nicky Carle then having Fran Farina as coach does not make sense.He never had the coaching style to make use of their skills.

now we wait for Brazil and the World Cup.