Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Budget Blues

Wow the polls are in and it appears the punters understand that Abbott, Hockey etal are talking porkies about the budget.

Just to begin.

Try Matt Cowgill on pefo-what-is-it-good-for and The Kouk on take-away-there-budget-snake-oil- and   -what-are-you-left-with and my-ten-questions-for-mr-hockey-ahead-of-q-a.

On the politics Steve from Brisbane has budget-chickens-home-to-roost. He has lots of links including that of The Pollbludger which gives us all of the current polling. M0nty tells us of peta-credlin-can-only-dream-of-dd.
She is clearly living on another planet with Katesy!

The Government claimed they only found out the problems when they saw the books. Matt demolishes that.
The Commission of audit found on a no change basis NET debt would only reach 17.5% of GDP. some crisis.

It does appear the punters of more aware of the Charter of Budget Honesty than either Mr Abbott or Mt Hockey!

I forgot to add it does appear from modelling done that the budget is quite regressive and so it would not be surprising to see this appear in figures such as Retail Trade turnover at the margins.

Clearly the main problem is Abbott. At one level to break promises isn't a big deal . The big deal is to say you haven't when every man and his dog knows you have. The other problem is as Lenore Taylor points out in Steve from Brisbane's column that he simply has little idea of what is actually in the budget. Now that is scary.