Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Government's Parliamentary Blues

You can always tell when a government is under pressure. They make stupid decisions in Parliament and yesterday the government was in their top stupid form.

We have shown before how stupid Bronwyn Bishop is as speaker. She actually suspended an ALP member for LAUGHING!

Yesterday the government made the decision to have Christopher Pyne defend the Speaker.Given most people view Pyne as a pretentious prat  ( Liberal 'qualitative polling is similar to the ALP's) the ALP could not believe the luck they had. Bishop held a Liberal function in the Speaker's offices. The only other Speaker to do that was 'Leaping' Leo McCleay.

I had previously thought no-one could come near to McCleay as the worst speaker of our lifetime. I was wrong Bishop is right up there with him. Her snide comments make her look quite weak and it is strange to see her 'taking orders' from Pyne when Hockey gave his budget speech.

Bishop has two big problems. She is quite unattractive and quite stupid. In this regard the ALP only have to let her  do the job she is doing and the government looks bad each time they see Bishop in action.

It only gets worse when she makes a token suspension to a Government member for doing nothing very much at all.
Bishop therefore is an asset to the ALP that simply keeping on giving.The ALP can only hope Pyne attempts to help Bishop more often.

Tony Abbott is trapped. He cannot get rid of Bishop despite her disastrous impact for the Government.

I should have added the previous speakers we have seen i.e Jenkins, slipper and Burke have been quite good!

I have been asked who should the government use in Parliament if not Pyne. Easy peezy Turnbull!