Monday, 5 February 2018

The dual citizenship saga again

We again see the parties bickering about dual citizenship.

However we should emphasise there is a grest difference between the ALP MPs and other MPs who have caught up in the saga.

All the ALP MPs took steps before nomination to relinquish the dual citizenships. This is in direct contrast to previous MPs. Take Barnaby Joyce for example. He didn't think to inquire whether he was a NZ citizen because his father was one.
The ONLY reason why we are in a bother about this is because the Court of Disputed Returns have not as yet given us a quite clear direction on what taking reasonable steps are. Hence why the ALP and the Liberal parties have dueling QC opinions on what it MAY mean.

We should get this when they rule on whether the ALP senator for the ACT is in fact still a Senator.

If she is okay then all the ALP MPs will be okay. On the other hand if she is not neither will the other ALP MPs.