Wednesday, 21 February 2018

A Few Things

SHETLAND just finished its 3rd season on the ABC. It was an absolute ripper. Take out the one obvious clanger in it the season was fantastic.

Billy Graham died. A wonderful Evangelist. A pity some journos did not know of him sharing platforms with Martin Luther King. His crusades allowed any people in . Colour, culture et al did not matter. all that mattered was that people got to hear how Jesus saved people! Yes he got wood-ducked by Nixon but he was not on his pat malone on that. THIS is very good

Tony Burke is being brought up by some in government as the 'Barnaby Joyce 'affair continues to linger.  I am no fan of burke as I have outlined previously however there are significant differences. Burke left his wife and began his affair with his now wife about TWO years after she left his office. So either he either different to joyce or a far better politician than joyce because there is no smoking gun to show he was lying to everyone like Joyce, He also did not uproot his family and move interstate only to leave them. He also was never a person who promoted 'traditional family values' or the 'institution of marriage'

Yet again Hamish McDonald has presented the Radio National breakfast program. He is simply so much better than Fran Kelly. He asks far better questions and appears to be better informed on most but not all subjects. Make him the permanent host.

Tony Abbott maybe right says Harry Clarke