Sunday, 11 February 2018

Barnaby Joyce has a big problem

The leader of the National party and Deputy Prime Minister has a big problem.

The Nationals has been ever since its birth been a party that supports agrarian socialism ( the Government pays for their losses and the farmers keeps their profits) and social conservatism. In other words they a big supporter of the traditional family values.

Joyce has actually shown himself to be worse than Tony Burke. At least when he separated it wasn't to a woman who is some 20 years younger then he.
Can the National party have a leader that has infidelity problems and has a child out of wedlock?

I think not.
This whole situation shows Joyce has no appreciation of the institution of marriage.

What the hell does he stand for???


We now are in the mess that his lover was transferred from Joyce's office ( why?) onto other jobs which in effect paid better than her original job. I can imagine how Centrelink would react if a person argued a woman who is pregnant by me is not my partner!!
It does not pass the pub test!