Sunday, 10 September 2017

Same Sex marriage

I have not written about this topic and really should.

It is not possible for same sex partners to be equal to heterosexual partners. A husband and wife and then usually father and mother are not the same and therefore not equal to a husband and husband or wife and wife.
What a homosexual couple do to have children is cheat on the partner through either normal sex or technology. It would be like saying to my wife if I was infertile for whatever reason have sex with my brother so we can have children. It matters little whether they do this in bed or via technology. It merely makes a mockery of the marriage.

And I should also state the late evil Lionel Murphy did  indeed make a mockery of marriage with his very detectable divorce laws in 1974. It doesn't take same sex marriage to do that!

Finally any person who claims to be a christian and support same sex marriage is a complete idiot. A christian supporting same sex marriage is like one supporting adultery! I have said more than once being a homosexual is not sinful. Engaging in any act outside of marriage ( and god defines marriage as between a man and a woman Jesus even quoted Genesis to this extent ) means any homosexual ACT will always be sinful as is adultery or fornication for heterosexuals

I could say more but what is the point when this brilliant essay has been written. (Thanks to the ABC of all places). Sorry but hat tip to Doverbeach for the essay. Sorry  Dover!

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