Monday, 4 September 2017

Bill Shorten plays it shrewdly

Bill Shorten showed evidence yesterday that he was not a dual citizen. Why did he do it?

My guess is that he can now go full attacking mode on Barnaby Joyce.

It keeps the Government on the hop. It makes Parliament look ungovernable. As everyone knows Joyce has broken the law , as it has been interpreted thus far, it makes the Government look weak and desperate.

Like Abbott before him Shorten has been underestimated by most. the ALP looks highly likely to win the nest election so we really should be examining whether Shorten can eventually grow into the job like Howard did ( after a long time however) or fail badly like Abbott.

Some time in the future I will look at his front bench team. We should always remember Hawke's front bench was thought to be pretty poor at the time. It was only with time most people realised how talented they were.

Also important some people thrive in opposition , Tony Burke, but are average in Government.