Tuesday, 5 September 2017

My worst fears were realised.

I did say previously I had great fears about making the World Cup.

What should not be forgotten it was NOT last night that coast us automatic entry to the World Cup.

We did not have a hard group. We only drew with Thailand in Thailand. We should have won and if so we would be through.

Ever since we won the Asian cup the team has deteriorated.  We leak goals at the back far too easily. although we most times have most of the possession we do little with it. There is no point in passing back unless you have a plan to move forward. We do not.

Ange has played players like Kruse and Smith although they have has little match time. They are not great players. Indeed we have very few great players. Thus we need to play well as a team.

The other thing is why do Mooy , Rogic and Leckie for example never play as well for Australia as for their clubs?

I think it is very hard to argue that Ange is the real problem.