Sunday, 6 August 2017

Trump he says one thing in public and another in private although it is incoherent.

The transcripts of Trump talking to both Turnbull and to the Mexican President are out . See Steve from Brisbane

It is further evidence of a man losing his cognitive abilities ( because of age IMHO). Johnathan Chait harshly but accurately sums it up by saying australias-pm-slowly-realizes-trump-is-a-complete-idiot.
What makes this worse is that Trump would have been fully briefed on all important issues regarding Australia. Yet he stills does not understand what Turnbull is on about. Turnbull even advises him on how to handle the politics of the issue.
Remember how Trump said the news about the telephone call was fake news.  It is now confirmed Trump was telling lies yet again.

We know like any politician Trump says one thing in public and another in private. Mexico must pay for the wall but we find out Trump wants Mexico to do something anything to show they look like paying. But this supposedly great deal maker is hopeless.

We have more evidence if ever we needed it that Trump is the ignorant braggart we always knew he was from being a candidate. Most people learn on the job. Not Trump.

He has some good people around him ( I see pro-trump media are now black balling McMaster) and some a lot of bad people.

Leaks occur because he always listens to the last man who talked to him. His staff on the whole have no regard for him and leak to ensure policies do not go off the rails and because they now realise his attention is very short and he does not understand many issues brought to him.

I doubt if Kelly can succeed. He is a former general not does not have much political experience.
Trump is not draining the swamp he is making it more of a stench. Take de-regulation. It is no coincidence to see most of the benefits going to producers not consumers.

The Russian investigation is interesting. A man who was completely innocent would be indifferent to it. A man with plenty to hide would be trying to stop it.