Monday, 7 August 2017

Israel is a disgrace

Israel is about to ban Al Jazeera. It has no evidence for its charged that the network supports terrorism. Indeed it is a charge so absurd no-one who is sane would take the charge seriously.

Al Jazeera is now banned in Saudi Arabia and Jordan have essentially baned the network. It appears only time until those other two democratic 'bulwarks', Egypt and UAE will do so as well.
Now Israel is to join this group of non-democratic countries. Why? Well it did highlight the ludicrous policy of inserting metal detectors in the Temple Mount  by Netanyahu. He did expressly against his defence and intelligence chiefs. Indeed  they were prescient on what occurred next.

The detectors were removed.

Israel it seems is still on o journey which goes from the US old south where it is now to south Africa.This move merely confirms that.

The world and the region needs a fully democratic Israel if only to provide light in a very dark democratic place. It is not getting this.

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