Monday, 24 July 2017

Trump and Russia

Something stinks about this. First of all everyone involved call such stories lies.
Now it seems all those involved are saying they occurred, many more times than we first realised. There are lots of e-mails involved. how forgetful they were about them.
Three key Trump officials met with Russian operatives after being told they were official Russian 'players'!

It seems their key defence is either sheer stupidity or ignorance.  Even a key Trump apologist The New York Post is saying Junior's defence is that  he is stupid!
 Imagine if they key officials of Clintons campaign met with Russian operatives!


Just remember Kushner's defence is a lot more sophisticated than Juniors!

Will anything occur? I doubt it. We must and should wait for Muller's report.
However Trumpists are not a rational bunch. Here is an example. Lincoln would say an idiot talking about idiocy to idiots.