Sunday, 2 July 2017

A few comments on Australian Politics

Things are happening in Australian politics so I guess it is time to make a few comments.

Let us start with the Liberals. They made a rational choice in disposing of tony Abbott and replacing him with Malcolm Turnbull. Abbott, who vies with Stanley Bruce as our worst PM, was leading the government to a huge loss.
Turnbull just got them over them over the line. The electorate was initially overjoyed he became leader but as it became apparent he was simply implementing the same policies as Abbott but was a different face Turnbull lost a lot of his support.
Indeed I very much doubt if Turnbull did implement policies he supports ( as does the electorate) , he would gain much support. He is not his own man!

Here lies the irony. Abbott continues to snipe from the sidelines with no hope of doing a 'Rudd' because the electorate never liked him. All he does is to perpetuate the thought the Liberal party is fighting with itself. The more he does it the worse it becomes. Given there is at least one radio station in Sydney which allows to voice his opinions twice a week this will continue for some time to come.

A few problems with this is Abbott is quite boring and seems not to have any understanding of topics he talks about. Take new coal powered electricity plants. They are very costly. They will not bring down prices. Anyone who has read anything on the topic knows this but not Abbott!

Thus the government is walking ever so slowly to a defeat in the next election.
In recent times the government has reminded me of the ALP under Gillard. They implement good policies but simply cannot sell them . Education or NDIS are good examples.
The LIberals are in the  unfortunate position of having no-one around who can replace Turnbull.

Let us now look at the Greens. The major problem here is that the NSW branch of the Greens are a separate party to the National Greens. Hence they see no problem in opposing policies their leadership group are trying to negotiate with the government.
 The Moscow educated Lee Rhianon is the NSW's branch perfect candidate. She is still an unreconstructed communist who will never be part of a party group.
( I am amazed no-one has ever said Rhianon and Hanson are so similar. Both are not very smart, both have aged badly, both are bad at detail on topics they talk about, both are not thought highly of by the electorate but are loved by their small devoted fans no matter what stupid things they say or how they try to manipulate their own people.)
Hence there is a festering sore in the Greens which will always be there unless Rhianon goes somehow.
Rhianon makes it easy for the ALP to defeat possible Green forays into 'their' territory and for the Greens to make it into mainstream politics.

I lover her!