Tuesday, 18 July 2017

New Department and Terrorism

The Prime Minister announced a new 'super' department to 'fight' terrorism.
He failed however to give any evidence of how it would improve performance. There is an old saying . If it ain't broke then don't fix it. In fact the security and intelligence agencies have been doing a pretty good job. ( it always helps that in Australia the people arrested for terrorist crimes have been pretty stupid and pretty easy to discover.

Whether it is the private or public sector one looks at two things. The strategy involved and the execution needed to put that strategy into operation better known as structuring. We almost always hear about companies restructuring. We rarely ever hear about companies changing their strategy!
Yesterday we neither heard why the execution was bad nor that the strategy was off. It is pretty easy to agree with John Blaxland. This is all about politics. Turnbull is frightened about losing his job.
More insights from Geoff Kitney and again from John Blaxland.
Adele Garnier sees other problems for Immigration policy. Ric Smith also comments.

What makes this worse is that the Minister is Peter Dutton. He was hopeless as Health Minister and is repeatedly caught out brazenly lying in his current portfolio. See Andrew Elder 

Directly related to this is a new study which shows the new counter-terrorism measures PERMANENTLY reduce international trade!

Clearly both measures here have not been thought out properly.