Monday, 3 October 2016

the Best Blog Rolls

Well there I was in Port Macquarie and I found out my wonderful blog roll was gone. I wasn't on my pat malone Mark the Ballot lost his as well.

Both our blog rolls are back with Mark the Ballot even better.

It gave me the thought of recommending some blog's blogrolls.  Most of these are on my blog roll. The ones that are not are linked.

  1. Economist's View   Mark Thoma is the most comprehensive and in order but you have to know the blogs.  
  2. Noah Opinion  Noah smith is much the same but does differentiate into categories
  3. Mainly Macro  Simon Wren Lewis's blog roll is similar in looks to mine and is top quality.\
  4. Mark the Graph  Always great to examine if only because Mark the Ballot is on it obviously!
  5. Opinion Dominion Steve from Brisbane has a sensational blog roll put into different categories .Very good on climate change.
  6. Utopia You are standing in it. Jim Rose has a varied and comprehensive blog roll.
  7. Peter Martin    lots of sources as one might expect from a Journo
  8. clubtroppo   A varied and interesting blog roll
  9. hotwhopper  Best list of climate change blogs you need
  10. catallaxyfiles   Surprised. They do have a comprehensive list.

I use them all when looking for articles to read or finding some for Around the Traps. My wife is always having a go at me for doing this but it is fun and most articles are very good.