Monday, 31 October 2016

Politics as farce

Two great examples of politics descending into farce.

Firstly in Australia we have proposed legislation windy rhetoric that current refugees at Mannus and Nauru will NEVER be allowed in Australia. They are worried about them coming to Australia via a third country like New Zealand or Canada.

Let me get this right. A refugee settles in New Zealand or Canad has a good future but then decides he might migrate or even travel to Australia. This thinking is so stupid it could come from Steve Kates.
These people would like to live in a first world country so they will not be persecuted like they were in their home country. They are allowed to live in New Zealand or Canada but no they simply want to live in Australia. WHY? Housing affordability in much worse in Australia for example. Then of course can you imagine what the 'people smugglers' would be saying now. Hey get on a boat and wait maybe ten years maybe more and you can live in Australia. Wonderfully attractive eh!
I should add this is clearly a sop to One Nation to get votes through the Senate, Hanson has said Australia should have NO refugees!

Secondly in the United States we have the FBI ignoring the very protocols it is supposed to  work by by issuing a statement saying they are looking at e-mails at a computer of a former congressman.They do not even know what is in the e-mails.
Of all the explanations i have heard I think Carl Bernstein of 'Watergate' fame has it best. James Comey is simply covering his 'arse'. This would show he is in fact a bureaucrat not a FBI director.

Both the above examples is why people are so peeved with politics at present.