Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Baird's Backflips.

Oh how times do change.
Mr Baird the Premier of NSW the conviction politician now backflips each day.

Before we discuss this let us examine the polling fortunes of Mr Baird and his government. to do this we naturally go to Kevin Bonham.

What interests me is the complete lack of any evidence that the Greyhound decision was costing them any votes.  The National party in NSW clearly understand polling as well as the ALP members did when they replaced Kevin Rudd! Yes some shock jocks disliked it .So what

The NSW government has/ is about to backflip on greyhounds, shark netting, the lock outs laws. I am at a loss why the policy of council mergers has not been mentioned. It was by far the most controversial and based on very 'thin' evidence. They had no 'mandate' for the policy. moreover why do State government determine whether  local Governments are doing their job. Would the State government like the Federal government to come in and overturn what the voters wanted in a State election.

It seems the Present Government does not seem to understand a government needs to stand fopr something. With so many back flips what does Baird stand for now. He has gained Turnbullitis.