Monday, 28 December 2015

The Replacement of the PM

The biggest thing that occurred in domestic politics was the replacement of Tony Abbott by Malcolm Turnbull.

Even though we all knew it would occur because we knew the Liberals did not have a political death wish we were caught by surprise. I was as I thought it might happen AFTER the by-election.

The Turnbull ascendancy immediately showed most people agreed. the Liberals went from being favourite to lose the next election to being favourites to winning the next election as first term Government normally do.

Bill Shorten went from being the next PM to being a normal Opposition leader after losing the last election i.e. always going to lose the next election. the zingers were no longer hitting home.
Despite some ( only some) impressive policy advances The Opposition is making no headway in the polls.
IMHO the major reason here is Tony Abbott putting his head up at regular intervals. The punters are simply sighing with relief this embarrassment is no longer PM and want to keep it that way.

Turnbull would have to do an 'Abbott' to lose the next election and unlike Rudd and Abbott he appears to have learnt from his previous mistakes.  He is certainly creating a lot of angst amongst the right wing brigade who can no longer pretend they speak for the masses!

2016 no longer appears interesting


Okay I should have said Abbott won a victory in the party room against no-one in January but was put on notice. Please note Turnbull had nought to do with this. Just very unhappy back-benchers. He did not improve if anything got worse and got replaced and he didn't know why!!  No self awareness either. i wonder if he is related to Katesy!