Wednesday, 9 December 2015

A Reformation for Islam?

Former PM ( and catholic) Tony Abbott has called on Islam to have a reformation. He sees it as one the the big answers to terrorism.

First of all it is very ironical a catholic would call for a reformation when they do not recognise anything of the Reformation itself!

Roughly the reformation started when Erasmas ( who remained a catholic) showed how Catholic dogma was completely different to that in the original documents.  It was Luther and then of course Calvin who showed how catholic dogma was incompatible with the scriptures.

Islam have no original manuscripts. They were burnt.Islam actually had their enlightenment ( related to the reformation but not the same) period before the Western world and then retreated from it.
The Reformation actually caused more deaths in its early stages as mainly Catholic but also Protestant rulers put heretics to death.This could be called terrorism!
Among those targeted were people who translated the manuscripts into language everyone understood so it would not be the monopoly of the Catholic denomination!

Imagine for a moment that a reformation did occur. would people who support ISIL and their version of Islam change their views? Of course not.

Yet again Abbott has strayed into territory he does not understand .

The only person applauding would be Malcolm Turnbull. The reason being he gains stronger support each time Abbott opens his mouth not Bill Shorten as people are gladdened that Turnbull is PM now and not Abbott.