Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Federal Politics

There are a few things happening in Federal politics at present.

Is Tony Abbott trying to do a Rudd? 

He may well be trying but he has no hope. The Liberals were elected despite Tony Abbott not because of him. He was and is unpopular. He came across on TV as a complete klutz. His record as PM was 'ahem' unimpressive. If Malcolm Turnbull was to slip up the Liberals would not be looking to Abbott.

Mal Brough

Mal Brough has blatantly and openly  misled Parliament. In years gone by he would be gone for that. NOT for Police merely raiding his offices. Only an arrest would do that.He is now clearly a liabilty to the government and one wonders why Turnbull appointed him in the first place. It brings back memories of his bad political judgement both in the Republic campaign and then as Opposition Leader.
Andrew Elder comments.