Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Viewing the Tax System

The ALP have got themselves into a terrible state.

They won't increase the GST. No siree. It is an unfair tax. It falls mainly on the poor.

A shame they couldn't gain evidence the offsets put in place when it first came in failed.
Of course the ALP's own ETS cam in with offsets for the poor which again succeeded.

Why not sign up to a GET with full compensation?

It is for political reasons. They thin it is a good target politically.

What really irritates me is everyone who says they cannot support the GST because it is not a progressive tax.

The GST is the best indirect tax you can have. End of story.

You do not look at EVERY tax and than accept or discard it because it is progressive or not.

The key to examining progressivity ( which is a good thing because they that have the capacity should pay most of the tax) is the overall tax system.

Overall our system is progressive.