Monday, 23 November 2015

Boots on the ground

There have been a lot of noise lately about putting boots on the ground to defeat ISIS/ISIL.

Talk to a military man and they think boots on the ground is the type of forces which we saw in the illegal invasion of Iraq. I doubt if any nation is going to agree to that.

However before even thinking about putting any boots anywhere you must have some sort of political solution in mind.

This is why the invasion of Iraq was so disastrous. It begat ISIS.

Unless you know exactly how this will occur after ISIS/ISIL militarily defeated then it would be in vain just like the invasion of Iraq proved to be.

Thus far the only people who are beating the 'boots on the ground' drum do not have a clue what may occur after it is over.  It is the same people who gleefully supported the invasion of Iraq.

George Santayana was right.

 Sam Roggeveen