Sunday, 8 November 2015

Has technology improved our life like we thought it would ?

I remember way back in high school and even at Uni the major thought about technology was how would we spend all this extra leisure time?

Unfortunately it hasn't turned out like that.
I said last week one of the problems of junior cricket is the lack of parents, This is directly due to the parents working at home on Saturday morning.
I have a mate who refuses a smart phone at any job he has. He believes  ,rightly in my view, that it means means extra work for no pay.

I have two anecdotes.
One from a long time ago when I arrived to work one Monday morning and was asked by my boss at the Monday meeting why my mobile was turned off on the weekend. I told him because I didn't work on the week-end!

I remember another occasion I left work on a Friday saying I had so much left to do on a certain project.  i was asked again when I arrived at work early Monday morning what I had to do and I said the same as I told him on Friday. He then asked me why I hadn't finished it on the weekend. I then told him of not only my wedding anniversary but also of two grand finals that occurred over the weekend and then asked him which of those things he wanted me to cancel.

Technology is a blessing. I realise this just from a cricket administration point of view but it also has let employers make people work  unpaid overtime at home and this is a bad thing. It is also unsustainable.I know this from all the feedback I am getting from volunteer organisations.