Monday, 19 October 2015

Turnbull thus far

Malcolm Turnbull is sailing with a wet sail thus far.

He has been helped by very poor ALP tactics courtesy of the right wing faction of the NSW ALP.

People also personally like Turnbull just like they didn't like Abbott.
However it seems to me they are waiting for him to change tack now he is Prime Minister. He could get caught between what the voters expect and what the right wing of the Liberal party politicians want.
We shall see.

It is funny to hear about various 'right wing' types frothing at the mouth at Turnbull.

What has really irked them is they are now seen to be wearing no clothes.
They claimed to be speaking for the majority of people. Now they have been shown to be people who speak for no-one so they are raging.

Andrew Bolt has been shown to write articles without doing any research at all. always remember those people could have sued for libel and gotten money but didn't.

Alan Jones took money from companies and didn't disclose it.

Any other persons who did work like these two would have been sacked. Not these two. Amazing.

 Kevin Bonham on poll-roundup-wealth-attack-on-pm-fails