Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Joe Hockey was a failure

Joe Hockey made his last speech yesterday.
He was a total failure. I can recall as a Minister despite having excellent staff when Minister for Financial Services he was never on top of the detail.

When Opposition Treasury spokesman he wailed against the entitlement mentality overseas but when he got back home he said the ALP Government's attempt to have sterner means test on family benefits was class warfare.

As an incoming treasurer he claimed he inherited a deficit and debt disaster. He never did say how PEFO was wrong or claimed the Secretaries of Treasury and Finance has lied .

The fact that both the deficit and debt has increased shows what a total failure Hockey was.
If you say quite accurately the terms of trade made this a certainty I would agree however Hockey in Opposition would not hear of this when Wayne Swan made the argument so it is only fair not to allow Hockey this excuse.

Here is Greg Jericho