Wednesday, 14 October 2015

ALP attack on Turnbull falls flat

The ALP tried to make hay about Malcolm Turnbull having money in funds which have their headquarters in the Cayman Islands.
Lenore Taylor tells all.

This attack was originated by Sam Dastyari a highly unimpressive man. Factional warlords rarely make good politicians as Graham Richardson showed. ( Nor do they make good analysts of politics).

We can come to only two conclusions

Either the ALP did not know about the subject they were talking about or they simply wanted it to appear Turnbull didn't pay tax merely because the funds he uses are in tax dodge territory.
Of course thus was untrue.

I would have thought Dastyari's role in bringing down Rudd on untrue polling would rule him out nut no. All of his political career in Canberra thus far has been to be euphemistic unimpressive.
He is now on the front bench. Why? Given his history one hopes Mr Shorten  does rely on him for advice or strategy. Yesterday clearly showed why!