Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The Killing Season

The Killing Season ended on Tuesday night.
Can we glean anything out of it?

1) Rudd was one of the main reasons the stimulus was as large vat it was and thus helped Australia avoid a recession or as Keating said we had the worst moment since the Great Depression and lost no skin!

2) ALP politicians particularly those wanting a change had no understanding of basic statistics,. no-one but no-one asked any of the apparatchiks of why the internal polling was so at odds with all the public polls.  I am staggered by this.
 I remember the clueless at Catallaxy saying one such leaked poll had the ALP losing most of their marginal seats. Mumble merely said at the time if this was correct then the ALP would take quite a lot of safe Liberal seats given all the public polls.
Clearly Arbib and Co wanted a change of leadership and relied on ignorance to get it.

3) The ALP government had overall no political nous.

  • Gillard didn't realise that saying a fixed price ETS was a carbon tax would be a killer.
  • Swan didn't realise promising a surplus just around the corner could be a problem.
  • Having your Leader saying climate change is the major moral issue of your generation and then reneging on it would have consequences.
  • If you dump a PM you are saying the government made wrong choices hence overcoming the GFC was lost. This was lost on all the conspirators
I could go on but I doubt if I have to..

I found the series interesting and found my admiration for Greg Combet increased but deceased for everybody else.