Monday, 1 June 2015

Does the election in the UK hold any lessons for Australia?

The election in the UK was quite interesting to me.
It was clear no-one had remembered the 1992 election where opinion polls had the Labour party led by Neil Kinnock winning.

Thus far I have yet to see anyone address this issue. Why were the polls so wrong as in 1992?
Why did the Liberal Democrats go so poorly yet the Conservatives vote hold up? Why would Scots vote for a party which in essence wants to ditch its relationship with the UK? This would be disastrous for Scotland.

Simon Wren-Lewis has written about the election in terms of economic policy. He latest missive is quite interesting. Does it hold any lessons for Australia?

Possibly not. The Conservatives did not immediately do things it said it wouldn't like the coalition did in Australia. The worst recovery from a recession possibly in the UK's history did not hurt them either.
Clearly voters did not realise economic policy changed radically in the last two years.
This could explode in the coalition's faces as well.

I will be interested in seeing what occurs particularly as it seems the Conservatives appear to be going to this all over again.