Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Q & A. and Free Speech

I do not watch Q&A however I watched the 'terrible' part which has created a bit of brouhaha.

I am trying to understand what the fuss is about.
Michelle Grattan is no help. Katesy shows he should never be allowed out of the asylum. indeed he goes further. There is no hope at all. Malcolm would say he is mentally unhinged. HERE he goes further but he goebellised. Somehow he via the Australian cut out some of the 'unperson's comments. Couldn't lie straight in bed.
Steve from Brisbane is the sanest person around . He actually shows the 'unperson' is actually against people going over to Syria/Iraq to fight.

Democracy is something we supposedly stand for. This means you allow people who have stupid, bizarre, demeaning or depraved views to express themselves.

If they go too far the courts will intervene as people take legal action such as when  Andrew Bolt found when he made inaccurate charges and was forced to admit he was wrong.

I see no reason why the ABC had to admit anything. Plenty of convicted people appear on television.
It appears the government believes the 'unperson' is an ISIL sympathiser when he clearly isn't.

How ironic that the critics of Q&A are acting exactly like ISIL in this regard. They do not care for expression of ideas either.


I have been criticised by some in e-mails that Ciobo did not know the 'unperson' was Australian i.e. born here. I think Ciobo was simply making the point he would have liked the 'unperson' to be taken away from Australia after all he was found not guilty of terrorism and if he knows of the trial he would have known he was born here so I am prepared to allow him some poetic licence.
 See Richard Ackland
Further update:
I am with Brian McNair Michael Brull is worth a read as well. Lets add Dennis Muller

Further Further Update:

There seems to be a debate about the applause when the 'unperson' spoke. It seems pretty obvious to me the audience are applauding the fact the Minister will not be making the decision to revoke citizenship.

Further Further further update:

I heard Greg Barton interviewed by Richard Glover. He confirmed the 'unperson' was hostile to ISIL but a bit of a dill who likes the limelight and Jonathan Holmes gives us some facts that makes the critics look well stupid as the 'unperson' So does Richard Ackland,. Indeed it seems as though Ciobo was talking porkies

Thus we come to the conclusion the critics of the 'unperson' and the ABC totally got their facts wrong and refuse to admit it as such.
We are lucky the Minister will not have the power to revoke citizenship!

All this has to do with is a political attack on the ABC and the ABC's response has made this possible. They need backbone as their critics are lazy and could have been hit out of the park.