Sunday, 19 April 2015

World War 1 was much much different to World War 2

We are coming into the 'celebration' of Gallipoli.

I though I would make the quite obvious point World War 1 was so very different to World War 2.

Germany was a democracy. Indeed the Social Democrats had command of the lower house. they were more radical than the Liberals in the UK for example.
If we speculate on an ending of the war where the US did not enter then it would have been a draw.
Even if Germany won the world would not have changed all that much.
Austria.Hungary would have had to change and one suspects Turkey would have as well with the young turks acting anyway.

World War 2 was different in that Germany clearly was not a democracy. It was a one party state.

People might want to speculate about what would have happened to the world if the US did not enter the war in 1941 but they rarely recognise the fact Germany did not have the resources to win a world war. This is clearly shown in the Wages of Destruction by Adam Tooze.

A number of people advised Roosevelt to let Germany and the USSR fight a war of attrition that no country could win and then take over both counties but he unwisely did not take this advice.