Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Sydney's weather and the ABC

Sydney copped a pasting over the past few days although other areas in the Hunter and the Central Coast had it worst.

I have to say apart from about 6 hours of no electricity and the same for the internet we got off scot free. A candle light dinner with some friends over was different.
Changes we made to the property  helped enormously with all the rainwater we got.

The ABC came to the fore again as it always does in emergencies. If there is one thing you always do it is to listen the the ABC under such circumstances.

 Most people trust the ABC way above any other media outlet much to the chagrin of the latte sipping reactionaries around. No commercial media outlet can match the ABC when an emergency occurs and it isn't hard to figure out why. They do not have to worry about ratings only help the people of the local area they are transmitting to. and that they did very very well.