Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Scott McIntyre

Scott McIntyre was sacked by SBS for making 'offensive remarks on twitter.
See HERE and HERE.

He is a commentator mainly on football and specialises in Asia. He is very good at this job.

So when he talks about brave 'deeds' done by Anzacs such as 'summary execution, widespread rape and theft' in Egypt, Palestine and Japan he is getting it straight from the horses mouth so to speak.
Indeed he was in a very unique position to know about what people in those countries think about such occurrences.(This is possibly why he did not change his views when asked by SBS.)

If there are people out there who do not think some ,not all or even a lot. of Australian soldiers did not do things such as this then they have never studied war.

That Malcolm Turnbull rang SBS and told them of the tweets and demanded action is strange behaviour. That SBS responded to this is reprehensible.

Are SBS denying the fact that some soldiers did indeed perpetrate such acts? Their actions say yes.

War is the 'best' example of how evil human beings are and all nations soldiers of all nations do evil things in war. Some even justify it by saying it is payback. The USSR certainly did when invading Germany in WW2.

To say no Australian soldier has NEVER been involved in such occurrences is simply fanciful.

THIS came in late. As did THIS