Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Why does Abbott do it?

Tony Abbott is in a lot of political trouble.

Why does he do THIS?
There are a number of answers

1) He is incompetent and does not understand what the Charter of Budget Honesty is and what PEFO is?

2) He is an inherent liar and does

3) He does and wants the electorate to think the boost to the deficit After the election was all due to the ALP. This is simply a variation of 2).

4) Someone has told him to say this so he keeps on repeating it.

His major problem is not he and the Government have told lies. The electorate expects that. It is the broke promises for specious reasons and then said they did not break promises.
The electorate are not fools and hate being taken for fools and this is what is costing Abbott at present and it is debatable whether he can overcome this.

Treasury and Finance thought the Budget deficit was at $30.b or 1.9% of GDP and that by 2016/17 it would be a surplus of $4.2b or 0.2% of GDP ( otherwise a balanced budget.)

Any person who thinks the ALP left the Present Government with a deficit of around $40b is a fool.