Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Tony Abbot is gone

It matters not whether there is a vote for leadership in the Liberal party now Tony Abbott is gone.

Once people in a party start crowing for a change in leaders then it becomes inevitable as the current leader loses any credibility they have.
Given that Abbott had little to start with then it now becomes a matter of time particularly when most backbenchers are backgrounding journalists that a change is needed..

I often find it strange that politicians are the last people in the land to pick up any trend in polling. It has been the case this time as well. It has been clear for a long time this government had a problem. They had no honeymoon which is unheard of.

No-one was paying attention to their denunciations of the previous government. what made it worse is that either the PM or the Treasurer has to be a detail men ( yep it is always a man) but neither Abbott nor Hockey are detail men hence the government gets into trouble any time they try to explain their policies.
Abbott was never a policy wonk indeed if anything he was known as a policy flake.

When the ALP replaced Rudd they couldn't explain why they did that. If it was a good government, which it was, why the change? The public soon made their mind up about that charade. The NSW Right was seen for their utter incompetence at politics.

This time round it will be similar. Why the change?  If policies do not change it will make no difference.

As for whom will replace Abbott I have no idea. M0nty thinks it could/should be Morrison. To put such an inexperienced person in charge would be extraordinary.

Turnbull could give them a potential makeover but he has put too many people offside and the right hate him.

As the Chines might say we live in interesting times