Monday, 20 October 2014

When you are a PM you really need to behave yourself

We have in recent days had Tony Abbott say he would shirtfront  Russian president Putin.

This was wrong in a number of ways.

  • Clearly he was responding to Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and attempting to look 'tough.Opposition Leader can say silly things in foreign affairs because no--one pays them any notice. We saw this with regard to Tony Abbott when he was Opposition Leader. On the other hand people do pay attention to what a PM says.
  • Shirt fronting means different things depending on whether you follow Aussie rules or rugby. What is particularly clear it is not a word you expect to hear from a Statesmen. this is confirmed by the fact Abbott walked away from that expression.
  • Abbott's comments than made himself a figure of ridicule.
  • Abbott has now put himself under enormous pressure when or if he meets Putin.He clearly cannot live up to his metaphor.
Now I think Steve from Brisbane is over the top but he is clearly heading in the right direction.
I think the G20 meeting is now going to be very interesting particularly since Abbott has put himself under enormous pressure as I stated previously. Just Remember Putin is one of the most experienced  leaders going around. Abbott is at the other end.

On the domestic front we find the actions of the 'burqua ban' was imposed because of a rumour
Bronwyn Bishop not only looks like an idiot but is found to be one.
I knew this would occur when Sinclair Davidson praised her. He is becoming more Kates like every day!. ( I might add that will happen when you run an echo chamber and not a blog. As Alan Moran so sadly shows at John Quiggin's blog you forget on how to debate.)