Sunday, 26 October 2014

The more things change the more things stay the same

I thought the previous Government had a number of good policies but were terrible at politics. They could sell a beer in a pub.

 An Essential poll found just over 30% of people thought interest rates were higher under the ALP than under Howard and just over 50% thought interest rates were not lower under the ALP!
I put all this down to a generation of poor candidates for the ALP who had no idea of being able to sell a policy and the destructive input from the NSW right wing who simply could not understand a qualitative poll if they fell over one!

However nothing changed with a change of government. The Present government is equally lamentable in selling policies. They seem to think if you say a slogan long enough people will believe you.
Their attempts to explain their broken promises were breath taking in believing just how stupid they thought the electorate was.
They are also  being hit by an electorate whose beliefs on rising prices, electricity prices and the economy are clearly at odds with reality.

( In the USA most of the electorate still believes the deficit is the result of rampart spending and it is  out of control. A shame it is the sharpest drop in the deficit the US has seen since WW2!)

Perhaps we should be examining the quality of  politicians on both sides and be asking ourselves why is this generation sooo bad.