Sunday, 12 October 2014

Reflections on lying on a Hospital Bed

Before I start this Can I just thank everyone for their good wishes.

Imagine my surprise dear Lonely and Only Reader when I was getting get well e-mails from everywhere on the globe ( well not quite but you know what I mean!)!

Okay in no particular order here goes:

Australia's health system
I was lucky. I am relatively okay financially and am in possibly the best health fund to be in Australia ( Teachers courtesy of my wife). Thus when it was obvious an operation was needed I was able to go to a really good private Hospital (the San) very quickly and get the operation done.
I hate to think what would have occurred if I couldn't afford all this.

Whilst lying on my bed I had a TV in my room. This has all the free channels plus some channels from Foxtel. I have to say ABC 24 is way way better than Sky News.
I could listen to AM, the world today and PM as they has those radio stations on the TV. They also had ABC FM which was a god send when I wanted to nap during the day.
I got to see the greatest Western of all time ( the Virginian) BUT only in is final bad season. I watched Bonanza for the first time since I was a teenager. IT is still enjoyable to watch.
I couldn't watch Mad as Hell as it hurt when I laughed!

I heard Nick Gruen ( the nicest bloke in the Blogosphere) being interviewed on 702. It was really interesting. ( This is mostly what he talked about). Thanks heaps Nick. I have always wondered why when private toll roads go broke they cannot be simply made public roads?

I was having withdrawal symptoms having to go three whole days without any access to the internet.
Next time hopefully I will have a laptop. I missed a vital Castle episode!
There is an incredible amount of information out there. My interests are politics and economics and there are  plethora of blogs to read in these two areas. ( I am reading more these days on climate change, statistics and econometrics ( mainly thanks to Messrs Andrew Gelman and genial Dave Giles.)  It is all good but now my wife is saying I am always on the internet during my recovery!!
My excuse is that I cannot do any significant physical exercise yet!

I am perplexed that some of the highest viewed articles I have had in recent times was a piece which was a mundane look at the stats of this blog, Then my problems after the Wedding i went to and then of course my post on sick leave.