Monday, 7 April 2014

the WA Half Senate Re-Election

I guess it is time for a comment on the WA Half Senate re-election.
( A by-election only occurs when a person or persons resign or retire. This did not occur here. People in WA had to vote again for the Senate.)

I am not going to comment too much as I live far away from WA. Obviously people voted against the two major parties. it beats me how any sane person could vote for either the Greens or the PUP.

I am somewhat amused by various commentators suggesting one of the reasons for the poor vote for the ALP was the No1 person on the ticket.
Why didn't some-one, anyone suggest it was the No2 person on the ticket. Afterall people knew buggerall about her until a certain speech was leaked. Once they knew her 'strange' circumstances why didn't anyone think people might vote against that candidate.
No-one but no-one has any evidence for any speculation yet it was all one way.
How very politically correct.

Here is one comment. on the result ( almost) I will post further comments if I see any.

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