Sunday, 27 April 2014

A tale of two Premiers

Neville Wran died recently. He was a very successful Premier of NSW, He never lost an election or by-election. however I was never a fan of his. He had the foulest mouth of any person I have ever met.

He didn't appreciate being being told by someone much much younger than himself that people who use foul language only do so because they are deficient in the English language. ( Paul Keating didn't like being told this either!)

Mike Baird succeeded Barry O'Farrell as Premier of NSW. I was somewhat amused by two articles on him. In one he is portrayed as a committed christian and he and his chief of staff say similar things to what RBA Governor Glenn Stevens has said about his job re christian belief.
At least Mike , unlike either his Father or sister seems to understand basic biblical doctrine.

I just wish journalists would try and understand what people say. If what Mike Baird and his chief of staff said was controversial then so what Glenn Stevens said!