Monday, 24 February 2014

I can't work out Joe Hockey. Update

Joe Hockey made some really stupid comments on the weekend.

He claimed the government would have to rein in expenditure on pensions over time if the budget was ever going to get into the black.

I have been reading papers from Retirement incomes division ( and its various name changes ever since Phil Gallagher was in charge there.
I have yet to read a paper saying pension expenditures will be a problem for future Governments.

I have read many an article entailing health expenditures will be a mounting problem for governments in the future but that is an entirely different topic.

Joe Hockey has the best department in the Public Service working for him. He also has excellent personal staff so there is no reason for these really stupid comments.
Indeed the only reason he could be making these comments is that he is goebbelising!

As for what he has to do at present. Matt Cowgill showed some time ago the problems of the structural deficit is all revenue and not expenditure based.