Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Climate change: you decide

Here are two different articles on climate change on a very similar topic.

Firstly here is Tamino on  global-temperature-the-post-1998-surprise and then cherry-p  ( that is a bonus).

Now read Sinclair Davidson on maybe-voters-just-dont-care.

Now as an absolute bonus here is  Good Stats Bad Stats on settled science ,climate change and..

I do like this paragraph from Good Stats Bad Stats 'The rest of the opinion piece goes on with bad science and poor logic to say the least. He talks about a “pause” in global temperature rise over the last 15 years. Do a simple search on “up the down staircase” and you will see that any increase comes in fits and starts. When temperatures have be rising for 100 year looking at any 15 year period is ill advised. That is Statistics 101.'

gosh what people do that I wonder!!!