Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Indonesian fiasco

A number of people have written about the Indonesian fiasco.

John Quiggin for one , Brian Banisch for another.

Thus it is hard to be original in any analysis.

It is quite easy to say the Government's handling has been very inept.

It could have done a number of things.

  • This problem occurred under the previous Government. Hence things have changed since the election.
  • They could have copied the reaction of the US administration.
  • They could have reacted much much quicker.

My guess is this is one of the main reasons for this poll. UPDATE more polling and explanation ( which means once both organisations get the 2013 election preferences their polls will be about the same given the margin of error!)

This amplifies what I said here

Further Update
The Government was aware of what the ABC had yet still reacted as they did. Amazing