Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Ashes

As any educated person knows you can tell how cultural a nation is by whether they play cricket. Thus Australia is a highly cultural nation and France has no culture at all!!

The Ashes start tomorrow in Brisbane. Go here and read comments from Tony and the boys if you like cricket. Mind their language though.

I think the Poms will win.

the 3-0 win in England was a lot closer than it looked. This was for two reasons.
1) Alastair Cook was very loose outside the offstump and thus never got a ton.English wicket seam a lot more than Australian ones so I expect Cook to score more runs out here
2) The English attack was under-performed in England. They did have bowlers who won tests ( Anderson, Broad and Swann) but overall I thought they were well off their game.

Hence we come to Australia.

I actually think England will do better under our conditions than theirs.

Their paceman can swing the ball ( both new and old) whereas ours struggle to do this.Their spinners can back up their pacemen.

Although we have competent pace bowlers our spinners are lacking. Moreover I have no confidence in Johnson being one of the pace bowlers in the first test.

I think the English batsmen will appreciate Australian wickets, Petersen and Cook in particular.

Thus I believe the Poms will win and keep the Ashes.