Monday, 14 October 2013

The Socceroos need a new Coach!

After our second successive 0-6 defeat The coach of the Socceroos was sacked.

I have to say such performances were on the cards given the way the team was performing and the lack of any comprehensible team formation.

One large problem the incoming coach will have is having to ditch most of the older players for younger ones. This will make it very hard to get any sort of team cohesion so close to the World Cup.

For my money the new coach needs to be in charge for the World Cup, The Asian Cup ( in 2015) and then for the World Cup qualifiers and therefore hopefully for the next World Cup.

The one person who should be reflecting on this situation is Frank Lowy. It was he who appointed Pim Verbeck who although he got Australia to the World Cup was totally unprepared for it once we played in it.

Inexplicably Lowy did not learn from this failure at all. His thinking has been far too short term and correspondingly not enough long term.

The A-League is now going gangbusters, David Gallup looks to be comfortable as CEO of FFA so we just need the Socceroos to play with the passion, skill and commitment we expect of them!